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Námskeið FS: Concussion: Advances in Identification and Management Dagsetning: 8.2.2019 - 9.2.2019 8:30 - 16:30 Staðsetning: Húsnæði Ísí, Engjavegi 6

Skráning hefst 10. september kl. 12.

Leiðbeinandi: Susan Whitney DPT, PhD, NCS, ATC, FAPTA

 Concussion is a high priority public health initiative, due to high prevalence and potentially serious long-term consequences that may arise from incomplete recovery and improper management.  Concussion often results in a multitude of symptoms. Approximately 20% of patients with concussion may not experience a quick recovery, resulting in significant disruption to the performance of work, school and life roles.  This course will review the current information with respect to pathophysiology, epidemiology and biomechanics of concussion, along with pertinent information regarding diagnosis and negative outcome following this injury. A proposed framework for classification following concussion will also be reviewed, along with screening techniques and potential management strategies to influence the course of recovery following concussion.   

Námskeið FS: ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Dagsetning: 16.3.2019 - 17.3.2019 8:30 - 16:00 Staðsetning: Húsnæði Ísí, Engjavegi 6

Skráning hefst 12.nóvember

Kennari námskeiðsins heitir Graciela Rovner og hélt hún fyrirlestur á ICPPMH ráðstefnunni sem haldin var hér í Reykjavík á árinu sem vakti verðskuldaða athygli. 

ACTiveRehab and ACTivePhysio: applying the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to increase function and motivation for patients with long-lasting pain.

ACTiveRehab is a comprehensive model that streamlines the process of assessment, selection, and tailoring of ACT group interventions and CTivePhysio is the specific implementation for the physiotherapist working with patients with long-lasting pain.

Námskeið FS: The Temporomandibular Joint Dagsetning: 3.5.2019 - 4.5.2019 Staðsetning: Húsnæði Ísí, Engjavegi 6

Leiðbeinandi: Dr Guy Zito
ATH Frá og með 8. mars 2019 er verð fyrir fagaðila FS 75.000.- 

 The 2-day evidence based course consists of a series of lectures, practical sessions and case study discussions. 

Námskeið FS: Sporting hip and groin Dagsetning: 17.5.2019 - 18.5.2019 8:30 - 16:30 Staðsetning: Húsnæði Ísí, Engjavegi 6

Leiðbeinandi: James Moore M.Phty (Manips), BSc (Hons) PG Dip App Biomechanics MCSP, CSCS

This course was first established in the UK in 2004, and has so far taught over 2000 therapists in the UK, as well a being delivered internationally. The course covers a collection of published research articles and ideas, brought together by the teachings of many leading clinicians James has come into contact with over the years. They have drawn on their collective experiences working with elite athletes. Their aim is to piece together a framework for assessing and treating what is challenging yet rewarding area - The Sporting Hip & Groin.

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