Fyrirlestur FS: Fascinating Fascia

  • Dagsetning: 7. október 2019
  • Staðsetning: Borgartún 6
  • Tími: 20:00 - 22:00
  • Bókunartímabil:
  • Verð: Ókeypis

Fascia has become a ‘hot' topic in the world of physiotherapy. But what is it all about? What is it, what is it's role in movement and function? Why is it so important? What can go wrong and how can you fix it? In this 2 hour presentation Ernst van der Wijk will introduce you to the fascinating world of fascia and its relevance for therapists. 

Ernst is a Dutch physiotherapist who co-founded Fascia Integration Therapy, a new functional physiotherapy concept which is now taught in 7 different countries.

After working in Akureyri and Blantyre (Malawi) Ernst van der Wijk has worked for over 25 years in the rehabilitation department of the Erasmus University Hospital, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Looking for new ways to improve the care for people with chronic pain, he has developed the Fascia Integration Concept (F.I.T.) together with Alexander Kudus. This is a new functional physiotherapy concept based on recent discoveries about the anatomy and function of fascia. Alex and Ernst train physiotherapists in the Netherlands, Rumania, Italy and China. For more information please visit us at www.fasciatherapy.fit

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